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The Duchess of York and her three-year-old daughter Princess Elizabeth, later Queen Elizabeth II, photographed by Marcus Adams on 30 July 1929. Royal Collection Trust / © Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2018. 

Until the birth of her sister just over four years later [in 1930], Princess Elizabeth or ‘the World’s Best Known Baby’, as an insatiable press described her, was to feature in the world’s newspapers and magazines with almost obsessive regularity. At the age of three, ‘Lilibet’, as she styled herself in an early attempt to pronounce her name, even appeared on the cover of Time as an unwitting trend-setter in children’s fashion, while all around mushroomed small Lilibet lookalikes in dainty dresses, coats and bonnets in white or yellow. 

“It almost frightens me that the people should love her so much.” – The Duchess of York.