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Princess Margaret makes her first big public appearance on the balcony of Buckingham Palace after the wedding of her uncle Prince George, Duke of Kent, to Princess Marina of Greece and Denmark, on 29 November 1934. 

Prior to the wedding, Margaret had barely been seen out in public since her birth in 1930, other than through commissioned photographs or rides in the park with her nanny, and in turn a widespread rumour began to arise that she was being kept back because she was deaf and dumb (terminology of the period). This was because her nanny, Clara ‘Allah’ Knight, wanted to keep Margaret in her care for as long as possible because she was the youngest of the two sisters and there was no longer a baby to look after. This meant that Margaret was ‘penned in a pram long after she pined to run [with her sister] in the gardens, and was fed by hand when in reality she had done with such childish things.’ 

Her grandfather King George V knew of these rumours and was angered by them. So at the wedding of Prince George and Princess Marina in 1934, he held Margaret up on the balcony of Buckingham Palace for a moment, for the crowd below to see her. The Queen’s cousin, Lady Mary Clayton, said that ‘The King loved the Yorks and he was very angry about the rumour that Princess Margaret was deaf and dumb. That is why he lifted her up like that. It was his way of saying, “Here is my granddaughter and there is nothing wrong with her.”’