today’s recap

i did a full body workout for the first time in months and boy did it hurt. i then thought i had a good hour before having to meet my brother sjoerd for our weekly lunch on friday but he texted me saying he was stuck on campus because of some tech issue going on at uni so he couldn’t get any work done and if i wanted to hang with him sooner? 

so after showering i jumped on my bike and cycled to uni, but i have to climb a really nasty hill and my legs were absolute mush from my workout just before and i was in PAIN and sweating a lot more than socially accepted but YOU KNOW WHAT i didn’t even care because my body was aching from workout which is the best ache so i powered through and conquered the hill with a weird smile on my sweaty lil face. 

had lunch for hours and talked for hours with my brother and i knew i would crash after because hey, burnout still there, so i biked home (downhill) and chilled on my bed for a while. 

then i edited my story i’m gonna submit for a dutch writing contest with the most esteemed newspaper in the country and actually submitted it! (hello, nerves!) 

so all in all i’m feeling pretty good if not a bit tired, but i have scheduled an easy pasta for tonight.

tomorrow i’m gonna indulge and make a doughnut and brunch to go trip before settling in and watch the wedding!