do you not care about the carriage because it&…

do you not care about the carriage because it's for harry and meghan? if so, kp runs press for them as well, not just the cambridges

No, it’s not because it’s for Harry and Meghan, because I am aware KP runs the twitter account for all four of them. I just don’t see the point in telling the public the maker of the cake, the kind of music that will be played and which carriage they are going to ride in. 

If you want to make the monarchy representable for the public, in an age where monarchies are falling apart and rapidly becoming redundant, release info that actually makes the value of the monarchy clear, like what kind of charities they are supporting, state visits they will be taking part in, etc, etc. 

By releasing trivial info like this, people will only feel more distant from the monarchy, in my honest opinion. I am a fan of the British Monarchy and all the history it represents, but even I thought when reading those tweets: ‘’Come on, what’s the point of this?’’ 

But thanks for you message, man. That wasn’t passive agressive at all. If you have researched my blog for two minutes, you know I don’t have a problem with Harry and Meghan.