ok so i just finished reading. i love adam he’s my favorite and oscar too! i love his sense of humor! the last part was surprising i didn’t see it coming (i mean paul) but it’s so good! anyway reading this felt like drinking tea in a comfy bed and starting a new book. IT’S REALLY GOOD! i need more!

Wow thank you thank you thank you! 

Well, hold on to your horses because you haven’t seen the true Adam yet… 😉 

And I’m sorry if the end of the chapter felt not like a natural end, because in my word document the first chapter is actually like 5 times longer, but I don’t want to publish this story in 6 parts, so I have to divide it into smaller parts, to being able to update quicker and more regularly. 

But OMG your comment about drinking tea in a comfy bed really brought the biggest smile on my face! ♥