Life update

Hi everybody,

I haven’t been active for a while on tumblr. Truth is, I’m burnt out, because everything that has happened at work the last two months. I made some posts about that at the time. Right now, my brain is so overwhelmed by the slightest thing that tumblr and the internet in general is too much for me. For my mental health it’s better to step away from it until I can handle it all again. I also barely watch telly and can’t handle large groups of people because of the noise.

In the new year I’ll get the help of a psychologist to help me conquer this.

So in short, I’m fine, but exhausted and I will be back whenever I feel up to it. I wanted to tell you that and to not to worry about me. I will come back stronger and fitter. Lo has taught me to rise and grind by the beautiful quotes she reblogs (@killiamkween).

All that is left is to wish you all a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR. Make the most of it, whatever that means to you. I for one intend to take a picture of something I lile every single day so that by the end of the year I can make a video of 365 happy positive pictures.

Immense thanks to Lo, Maddy, Bella, Crystal, Rachel, Jess, Rosie and to all the other wonderful blogs I don’t know the admin’snames of.

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