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“…They were reunited at Lisbon’s military airport. The scene was a memorable one, and when the movie comes to be made is sure to feature. During part of the tour, Philip had grown a full set of naval whiskers. Photographs of the bearded travelled had found their way back to London. When Philip, now clean-shaven in anticipation of the state visit to Portugal, bounded up the steps of the Queen’s plane in Lisbon, he was greeted by an extraordinary sight: his wife and her entire entourage, sitting in their seats, all sporting false ginger beards! Minutes later, when the royal couple emerged from the plane, both were beaming, and an eagle-eyed reporter, with a sentimental streak, was sure he spotted a tell-tale smudge of liptick on the Duke’s cheek”. (Philip and Elizabeth: Portrait of a Royal Marriage by Gyles Brandreth)

“When the Queen and Prince Philip were reunited in Portugal in 1957 after a four-month separation because of official duties, he wore a tie with hearts on”. (60 amazing facts you never knew about the Queen)

If your marriage is not at this level of cute you’re probably doing it wrong

Reblogging because of the continued historical inaccuracies of The Crown.

This was what I was waiting for in that scene! So disappointed