Bed bound


A/N: Okay so after the pregnancy announcement and George’s first day of school, the story ideas almost poured out of my mind by themselves. It was just a matter of when, instead of if. Hope you enjoy this one! It’s slightly sad, but that was the way it came out. That means there’s still happy stories to come though ^^ and lastly: I always LOVE to know what you guys think of it 🙂 

Kate woke from her slumber when the door
slightly creaked when it was pushed open. She had been dozing on and off since
4.30 in the morning, after the bouts of throwing up had started again. If she
was lucky, she could get up to a maximum of 6 hours sleep every night. The morning
sickness was now at its very worst.

 ‘’Mummy?’’ A small voice came from behind
the door.

 ‘’Come in, sweetheart.’’ Kate flattened her
hair and very gently turned around so she could lie on her side. George
approached the bed apprehensively, his eyes unsure. ‘’It’s okay, Georgie, you
can come to me.’’

George took a few steps and stood beside
the bed. He was already dressed in his school uniform. Kate willed away the
tears that sprung to her eyes. I will not
, she vowed to herself, swallowing hard. ‘’You look amazing, George,’’
she said. ‘’You’re such a big boy already.’’ She didn’t dare reach out to him,
knowing for sure such a movement would trigger her stomach.

 George beamed at her, stepping closer.
William had taught him how he could hug his Mum when she was feeling like this.
He very gently put his little hands on her shoulders and gave her a sloppy kiss
on the cheek. Tears came again and this time, she couldn’t do anything to stop
them. She just ignored them and focused on her son.

 ‘’Are you excited about your first day of
school?’’ Kate already knew the answer to her question. For the past week,
George had insisted dressing up in his uniform and he carried his new backpack
everywhere with him.

 George nodded. ‘’Yes,’’ he said. ‘’Daddy
said we go soon.’’ He bounced a little on his feet.

 ‘’Do you have everything you need, poppet?’’

 ‘’Yeah, Daddy put everything in my

 ‘’Good,’’ Kate smiled. ‘’You will do great.’’

 William entered the room as well. He smiled
as he saw the scene before him. ‘’Hi,’’ he said softly, his voice barely above
a whisper. His smile turned into a frown as he saw Kate lying as still as she
possible could.

 Kate nodded slightly to him, letting him
know it was alright. George had turned his head when he heard him speak. ‘’Dad!’’
he exclaimed. ‘’Is it time?’’

 ‘’Almost, buddy,’’ William smiled. ‘’We are
going to take a picture for our photo album first, remember? Why don’t you go
find your backpack and make sure you’re all ready?’’

 ‘’’Kay,’’ George answered. He gave Kate
another sloppy kiss and almost ran out of the room.

 William took two steps and knelt beside his
wife, who had stopped fighting her tears. ‘’Honey, I am so, so, sorry,’’ he said sweetly. ‘’Can I
hold you?’’

 ‘’Yes,’’ Kate said between sobs.

 William put back to duvet and gently
covered Kate’s body with his, burying his face in her neck. Kate held on to him
for dear life.

‘’I will store every little, tiny,
insignificant detail away in my mind and give you a minute by minute report
when I get back.’’

 Kate nodded.

 ‘’I have to go now,’’ William said with
sorrow in his voice. ‘’Can I get you anything before we leave?’’

 ‘’A hot water bottle, please?’’

 ‘’Coming right up.’’ Kate always craved for
comfort of warmth during the first trimester of her pregnancies. William went
to fetch the water bottle and with a last, lingering kiss, left his wife in
their bedroom. He then came back in again and opened the window just a crack.
Without a word, he left and closed the door behind him.

 Kate hugged the hot water bottle close to
her body and closed her eyes. Within a few minutes she heard voices coming from
outside. William’s lower, composed rumble and George’s high-pitched excited squeak.
Kate knew they were taking a picture to release to the outside world. A sad
smile formed on her lips when she heard William cracking one joke after
another, to make George laugh.

 Soon, their voices faded away. She heard a
car door slam and the car tires ground on the gravel. Then it was silent once
more. Although the tears were streaming down her face, Kate was grateful to her
husband for cracking open that window. She could picture the scene in her own
head and feel like she was part of it after all.