Cupcakes – a royal fanfiction

A/N: It has been well over a year since I last wrote a short story. I didn’t know if I would do it ever again, but found myself craving to write lately. I took the plunge, announced it on my blog and some of you lovely followers put in some suggestions. A story about baking was one of them. So here ya go. I’m a bit apprehensive about posting after such a long time, so go easy on me, okay? I hope you like this little story 🙂

Lastly, I want to dedicate this one to @johnabradley. She always asked for more stories, even when I wasn’t writing anymore, but at the same time respected my decision for not writing very much. She is the voice in my head when I write another short piece, pushing me to put out that extra line, or a sexual innuendo (which I still find very awkward). She is my biggest cheerleader and quite frankly the person that persuaded me I was good enough to publish what I write. I am now writing a book (for real) and she is the sole reason I am going to try my hardest to get that one published. So, Johna, it’s only right you are honoured here. This one is for you! <3 from my whole heart. Plus, if my book ever does get published, I’m getting you a copy – and you’re the first person I will thank in the acknowledgement section – no joke! 

‘’George, sweetie, please stop jumping up and down. You’ll fall of the
chair.’’ Kate was just in time to quickly grab one of his arms and stop him
from tumbling over. George was standing on a kitchen chair, because that was
the only way he could reach the counter.  

 George turned and looked at his mum with wide, bright eyes. He stuck out
his chubby hands, almost getting them in his mother’s face. ‘’Cakes!” he
exclaimed happily.

 Kate smiled at the endearing sight in front of her. She was busy baking
cupcakes for George to share at his nursery tomorrow. With Charlotte’s second
birthday coming up, she had promised them to bake something together in the
kitchen. Her daughter wasn’t too bothered though, sitting in her high chair,
colouring away. When they just started mixing the batter, she had put her hands
in the bowl, curious to what it entailed. She had pulled a face, retrieved her
hands and cried ‘’Yuck!’’.

 George was a different story altogether, though. Fascinated from the
start, he wanted to do everything his mother did as well. Kate was currently
wiping the counter clean, and George was ‘’helping’’ with one hand, holding a
wooden spoon in his other, licking of the remains of the batter.

 ‘’How long?’’ he asked Kate.

 Kate glanced at the oven timer. ‘’Almost,’’ she smiled. ‘’Go and see if
they look okay.’’

 Carefully George stepped down from his chair and kneeled in front of the

 ‘’Don’t put your hands to the glass, poppet,’’ Kate reminded him.

 Without looking back, George shook his head. ‘’I know, Mummy. It’s hot.’’

 ‘’Smart boy. How are they looking?’’

 ‘’They’re much bigger now!’’ George said enthusiastically. ‘’And brown!’’

 “Brown?” Kate repeated with a frown. ‘’Scoot over, let me have a look.’’
She peeked into the oven and saw that the cupcakes were just right. ‘’I think
they’re done now, shall we take them out?’’


 Together they carefully retrieved their freshly baked batch of cupcakes
from the over and placed them on the counter.

 ‘’Decorate now?’’ George asked.

 ‘’In a little while, I’ll call you when they are cool enough for us to
touch again.’’

 ‘’’Kay,’’ George answered, wandering off to the living room.

 Kate could hear him talking to William, telling his Dad the newest
baking adventure. She smiled as she heard the deep chuckle of her husband. She
absent-mindedly placed a kiss on Charlotte’s head, and looked at the paper in
front of her. ‘’That looks very pretty, sweet pea, what are you colouring?’’

 ‘’Is you and Dada!’’ Charlotte pointed at some strokes on the paper.

 ‘’Looks very good, darling! But what about George and Lupo?’’

 Charlotte picked up another pencil and drew some more. ‘’Done!’’ she
exclaimed, getting rewarded with another kiss.

 Kate opened her mouth to compliment her, but her son beat her to it. He
was leading his Dad into the kitchen, pulling him along by his hand.

 ‘’ – and then we put ‘em in the oven and I looked and they were all
brown and big!’’

 ‘’All brown and big, huh?’’ William said, looking down at George.

 ‘’Yeah, but that’s good, Mummy said.’’

 ‘’Oh, well, if Mummy said so, it must be true.’’ William looked up and
winked at Kate.

 George had gotten up his chair again, peering at the cupcakes.

 ‘’Can we decorate now, Mummy?’’

 ‘’Sure, let me check one last time.’’ She moved forward, cautiously
testing the cupcakes’ temperature. She felt William moving behind her, putting
her arms around her waist.

 ‘’Can I help you decorating?’’

 Kate laughed. ‘’No offence, darling, but I think George will do a better
job than you. You suck at arts and crafts.’’

 William placed his head on her shoulder and moved his mouth very close
to her ear. He dropped his voice so only Kate could hear him. ‘’If only you
keep some of that frosting stuff, I can decorate you later in the bedroom.’’